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Marlborough Chamber of Commerce to Host Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Judith Collins

The Marlborough Chamber of Commerce is hosting the Leader of the Opposition party, Judith Collins for a Members-exclusive morning tea and questions and answers session on Friday the 16th of July.

Members will have the exclusive opportunity to hear from Judith about National's recovery plan for New Zealand and what this will mean for business owners and operators in Marlborough.

The National Party's Recovery Plan:

National’s first priority is New Zealand’s response to COVID-19. With so many sacrifices made by the public and businesses during the pandemic, Judith is committed to supporting businesses and their workers to bounce back from these sacrifices the best that they possibly can.

COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout:

With a large number of job losses and business closures, National’s recovery plan is underpinned by ensuring the effective rollout of vaccinations. Hoping to mirror the rollout plan of Australia, National are wanting to prioritise vaccinations for frontline workers and border staff, meaning all citizens will be safer and able to return to businesses. This will in return allow international students and tourists to return, giving a boost to two large international revenue streams of our country.

Driving Economic Growth:

National’s second priority will be focussing on how to drive economic growth in New Zealand. Judith is a believer in a strong economy being the best way to move our country onwards and upwards.

Looking forward and past the pandemic, National are focused on thinking about how we are placed once our borders are safely open. How can we strengthen the economy to ensure a successful recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic?

Judith believes a strong focus on government policies which support the productive facets of the economy, support businesses to be more efficient and empowered to hire and invest. Fostering policies that allow businesses to use the changes caused by COVID-19 to drive positive change.

Further to this, she feels that a strong economy will mean more opportunities for New Zealanders, more money to invest into the health system and efforts to combat climate change. This in turn will support lifting children out of poverty and giving the children of the future the best opportunities possible.

The National Party's Plan to Support Business: 

National plan to show support the private sector, in particular small businesses, to create more jobs and get the economy moving again. They plan to do this by reducing barriers, costs and uncertainty for businesses.

The way in which they will implement this is through the comprehensive Small Business Policy package (as announced in August 2020) which has five key points to facilitate this:

  • Reduce the cost and compliance of the tax system for small businesses
  • Make employment law fairer for small businesses
  • Improve cash flow for small businesses
  • Reduce red tape for small business
  • Improve access to capital for new and existing small businesses

Click here to read the full Small Business Policy from National

The Marlborough Chamber of Commerce will host the Honourable Judith Collins for morning tea on Friday the 16th of July 2021 at the Taylor Restaurant from 9:30 AM to 11 AM for our members exclusively.

This is your opportunity to hear the details of the National party’s plan to recover New Zealand from COVID-19 from Judith Collins herself, ask her what this will all mean for you and your business, and any burning questions you might have.

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