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The Marlborough Chamber of Commerce

We have been connecting people and advancing business across Marlborough since 1939.
Join us for advocacy, support and networks that will grow your business.

Here at the Marlborough Chamber we exist to unlock business vitality. We support local business growth through effective promotion and business development opportunities. We also provide support for export services and authorizing documentation.

As our community grows, so too does our directory of innovative, collaborative, community engaged businesses. Which not only strengthens our network but offers engagement opportunities for collaborative advocacy and success here in our region.

We've made it super easy to join and connect with Marlborough businesses.

Business Excellence Awards

Business Excellence Awards

By Louisa Murray | July 10, 2023

Marlborough Business Excellence Awards Recognising and celebrating the brilliance of local business. Click Here To Enter Now From large companies who have relocated their head office to the region through to lone-wolf entrepreneurs doing business out of their home offices, our place is filled with inspiring, influential individuals all working together to help our region…

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Latest News

You Can’t Afford to Ignore These Business Trends

By Louisa Murray | July 20, 2023

Key Business Trends for FY 2023-24 In tumultuous time, you can’t afford to ignore these business trends. As we gear up for the upcoming fiscal year, New Zealand’s intrepid entrepreneurs and small business operators must be prepared. Indeed, a dynamic array of trends are emerging in finance, marketing, technology, and human resources. For small and…

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Exploring the Advantages of Shared Workspaces

By Louisa Murray | July 16, 2023

Shared workspaces are growing in popularity in Marlborough and around Aotearoa, and for good reason. These community-centric environments offer more than just a practical office solution. They have become vibrant centres of collaboration, networking, and positivity, all of which are beneficial for the growth of startups. Here’s a deeper look into how shared workspaces can…

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Navigating Your Business Through a Recession

By Louisa Murray | July 10, 2023

Running a business in Aotearoa is not always smooth sailing, especially when economic downturns like recessions hit. However, with careful planning, strategic decision-making, and the Kiwi can-do attitude, it’s possible to steer your business through these choppy waters and even emerge stronger on the other side. In this blog post, we will share some essential…

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