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Marlborough Young Chamber

Dedicated to helping young leaders connect and build their careers, across Marlborough!

Our Purpose

As a member of the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce, you will have the opportunity to join the Young Chamber - a subgroup for professionals under the age of 35. Young Chamber provides a space for young professionals to connect with each other, share ideas and experiences, and access resources and support to help them succeed in their careers and businesses.

Through Young Chamber , you will have access to networking events, educational seminars, and other opportunities to learn and grow. You will also have the opportunity to participate in the Chamber's advocacy efforts and help to shape the organization's priorities and goals.

In addition, Young Chamber provides a platform for young professionals to connect with and learn from established business leaders in the Marlborough region. This can help you to build valuable relationships and gain valuable insights and advice to support your career and business growth.

Join the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce and become a part of Young Chamber today. This is a valuable opportunity to connect with other young professionals, access resources and support, and make a positive impact on the business community in the Marlborough region.

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