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Export Documentation Services

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We here at the Chamber make document certification easy. Once you have registered with us, complete your export documents and send them through.

We certify and return them to you electronically during business hours.

Please note: We have a TWO working day turnaround policy for our certification process and our office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00am – 4pm.


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Certificate of Origin

If you are exporting overseas, especially to Asia or the Middle east then you may need a certificate of origin or chamber certified documents for your goods. Certificates of origin are issued to exporters to certify the country of origin of specified goods. The Chamber is able to certify export documentation including commercial invoices, bills of ladings, and MPI certificates by a manual (wet stamp) or electronic process. Click here to view NZCCI guide regarding Certificates of Origin.

‘Shipment specific’ documents certifying the place of growth, production or manufacture of goods exported from New Zealand. They may be requested by a consignee for customs clearance, or as a stipulation of a Letter of Credit. New Zealand exporters commonly require:

  • Certificate of New Zealand Origin
  • Certificate of Foreign Origin
  • China – New Zealand Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin (China – NZFTA)
  • ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin (AANZFTA)
  • Form A – Non-specific Certificate of Preference

Certificate Of Free Sale / Certificate Of Manufacture

These forms seek assurances from a governmental agency that the associated products offered for entry into their country comply with the requirements of the New Zealand laws of distribution in our domestic market.

These certificates can also be referred to as “Certificate of Export”, or “Certificate of Foreign Governments”.

ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA Certificate Of Origin

In order to take advantage of preferential access that AANZFTA offers, exporters require an AANZFTA Certificate of Origin certified by an approved body.

The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce have extensive experience with the certification of preferential FTA Certificates of Origin and can provide exporters with the support and resources they need to capitalise on the AANZFTA.

China FTA Certificate of Origin

New Zealand exporters seeking tariff preference under the New Zealand-China FTA will be required to have a China Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin accompany their consignment.

The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce have extensive experience with the certification of preferential FTA Certificates of Origin and can provide exporters with the support and resources they need to capitalise on the China FTA.


To apply to use the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce Certification Service, please email:


“We have always found the Chamber to be very helpful and quick in providing export documentation. Particularly over the last few years the Chamber has provided an efficient and understanding service in a very challenging logistics environment”

- Anna Dunne, Dog Point Vineyard

"Thank you so much for this very prompt return! Greatly appreciated."

- Sophie Parker-Thompson, Blank Canvas Wines

“Effortless E Cert submission with swift approval and excellent customer service—essential for seamless exports.”

- Selena Miller, Vinlink

“We use Marlborough Chamber of Commerce for Certificates of Origin via ESSCERT as this is a quick and easy system. The Marlborough team are easy to deal with and very helpful if you have any questions or need assistance.
I highly recommend using MCOC for assisting with wine export documentation and advice.”

-Carol-Ann & Darren, Rose Family Estate



Under COVID-19 Level 4 document certifying will continue to be available.

While our office is closed for pick ups, our staff will work with you to make alternative arrangements.

Digital versions of your certificates will not be disrupted.

The export documentation process sometimes requires that documents be authenticated (certified) by the Chamber of Commerce.

You will know if documents need certification by the Chamber from details on your Letter of Credit or from instructions received from the importer. Be sure to check the details you have received carefully or discuss directly with the importer to ensure you meet requirements correctly the first time.

As a guideline, certification is often required if you are exporting to some Middle Eastern or Latin American countries, if you are exporting particular foodstuffs and related products, if a developing country has a special concession arrangement, or if New Zealand has a free trade or bilateral agreement with the country to which you are exporting.



Member Rate: $27.56 + GST
  • Non-Member Rate: $40.00 + GST
  • Replacement Certificate: $10.04 + GST

Wet Stamp

Member Rate: $25 + GST
  • Non-Member Rate: $45 + GST


Before any Certificates or Export Documentation can be issued, we require you to complete and return the Marlborough Certification Terms and Conditions form and the Certificates of Origin Manufacturers Declaration form.

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